Our Brands


Tampa Biergarten

Fermented Reality Biergarten is a place to find some of the best beers in the world on tap, plus wine, tea, and soda too! All while surrounded by nine incredible food concepts on the waterfront! What could be better?


B Cups Outdoor Beer Cups

Our intense passion for craft beer led us to create the world's first full line of style-specific beer cups for people on the go. Whether by the beach, pool, hiking or on the boat, B Cups are great for any place you can't use glassware!


Fermented Reality Beercast

Join Miguel Hito for their regular beercast shenanigans! Part beer geek show, part comedy show, Miguel is always  mixing it up to create a harmonious show that will keep you entertained!


Fermented Reality Bottle shop has 12 curated taps for your enjoyment and a Specialty Bottle Shop. Your Number 1 Source for Craft Beer in Brandon.