Hear From Our Customers

I hate using red plastic cups for my craft beer when camping. Not because they're plastic but because the shape is all wrong. These cups are great for releasing the scents and flavors craft beer is known for. I have a set of stout glasses, funk glasses and IPA.

Barrie Corp

B Cups are awesome. Great look and feel, with the plus side of not having to worrying about breaking the "glass" since it is plastic. I do the majority of my beer drinking outside on my patio and these are always being used. Also I have taken them to a few beer releases and drank from them in line, much better than a solo cup.

Jeremy Miller

B Cups are great - not just for IPA beer but any beer. The design aerates the beer as you pour and bringing out the full flavor. I had glass versions of this beer glass - and they easily broke. These glasses are great on the patio or by the pool.

Amazon Customer