18 Ounce Stout Outdoor Cups | 2-Pack*

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The Only Outdoor Stout Cup You Need!


B Cups STOUT cups are made from a dishwasher safe, lightweight, rigid, shatterproof, fully transparent, BPA-free plastic. The cups have an extra wide bowl to help amplify aromas and a smooth base to ensure just the right agitation.

We love our Spiegelau / Left Hand glassware and drinking beer from a proper glass is important to us. So in situations where glass just wouldn't do, we were sick about having to drink beer from a red party cup. Rather than complain about it, we decided to do something about it!

Stout cups are great for any stout, but also works great with most malty beers such as porters, ambers, red ales, and brown ales.

B Cups - Crafting Your Beer Experience

*This 2-pack of cups is NOT in a retail box and each cup will be enclosed in a clear plastic sleeve.  We may reuse boxes and other shipping materials to help reduce our environmental footprint. We hope to have a retail box for the 2-pack soon.