Always Pour Your Beer

Always Pour Your Beer

Don't you hate it when people tell you what to do? It's the worst. "Eat your peas." "Take out the trash." "Drink more water." We do too. People who use always and never to qualify things are rarely correct. There are times however, when using an absolute like this is true. Do you see where we are going with this?

"Why should I always pour my beer?"

There are two excellent reasons for why you should always pour your beer into a clean glass before drinking it.

1. Drinking beer from the can or bottle will make you more full, more quickly.

2. Drinking beer from the can or bottle is like experiencing 20% of the beer's flavor.

Drinking from the can will make you full because what you may not realize is that there is CO2 actually dissolved directly into the liquid inside the can. When you open it, the hiss you hear is mostly from the CO2 on top of the beer, not much is released when opened. Just to help drive this point home, we are going to link to a training video from Anheuser Busch - The Napkin Test.

When you proceed to pour beer out of the can or bottle, its going to hit the uneven surfaces of a glass and get foamy. That foam is from the CO2 being released from the liquid. Inside that foam is a ton of fancy smelling compounds that get released. Did you know up to 80% of a person's taste is experienced by smell? Well, the brewer is all about that, and the smell is super important, especially if you just paid $12 or more for a 6 pack!

So next time you're at the beach, reach for your favorite B Cups style, pour your beer, and enjoy it just like you were at the brewery, no matter where you are!